ThreeSkins's 30-day warranty: Sit Tight! You are Covered!!

We Quality check each and every product that we ship but sometimes there might be a problems when it's on the way to you.

We are proud of what we have designed and would regret any mishaps! We will gladly replace any items that are defective due to craftsmanship or shipping damage within 30 days of delivery to you.  If there is a problem with your order, please contact us at with photos and proof of purchase, and we will make it right.  

Please note: We do not offer replacement in the event that you have lost or replaced your device, nor for damage due to drops or excessive wear and tear.


ThreeSkins Guarantee 

Fear that you have not installed your Skin properly and/or damaged it??

No worries, we can send you a brand new Skin for free, just pay shipping :)

Please contact us as soon as you can, and we will ship a new Skin to you right away!


What we need

First of all: Take a photograph! In addition to the fact that this helps us check your issue, however more critically, it assists us with recognizing the main driver of the issue, which will persistently work on our cycles and items. Furthermore, photographs of any harmed bundling will enormously help us in filing a claim, if need be.



*This Warranty Policy only applies to Physical Products (Gadget Skins) at 




We thought, can we make editing as easy as eating a piece of cake? We all said at once... Why not? So we designed one click Presets, Luts, Transitions and many other digital products which can be used by anyone to power their everyday lives. And BOOOMMM... here they are!! After a while, we also thought why just in a box? When we thought outside of the box... we designed the most unique skins for all Apple gadgets and we feel in love!! And so we decided to combine both and come up with something exquisite and super exciting.


Our Skins offers you the most unique experience to own your gadgets. Easy to Install - Peel and Stick Skins gives a new Feel and Look to your Device all while protecting from scratches and scuffs without having to use Bulky phone cases. Our Skins honors great look, keeping it Simple!


We at ThreeSkins have designed the most exquisite collection to make unique edits. We live in a world which is designed to the best anyone has ever seen which curated an idea in us to let us design what we actually can. And so we can came up with amazing edits to power our everyday lifes to showcase our happy little world.